Wanted: Dead “Exclusive Combat Explained” Trailer

Wanted Dead is no ordinary third person action game. The core gameplay comes from the creators of Ninja Gaiden and Dead Are Alive, some of the most challenging and rewarding games ever made. One, a Dead, boasts true hardcore challenge and hands over a set of tools to overcome even the toughest enemies. Won. A Dead is a unique brawler that combines close encounters with shooting and demands the player juggle between the two, constantly throwing different types of enemies their way.

Wanted Dead

wanted death

wanted death

The player is equipped with a powerful range weapon right from the start, but solely relying on Hannel’s rifle won’t get you too far. The enemies drop ammunition and secondary weapons that can be equipped by the player. Picking the right secondary weapon for an encounter could be the difference between life and death. One of the keys to success is staying on the move. Combining run and gun mechanics with sword combat, slide and charge attacks, occasional grenade tossing and takedown the players should not expect to sit this one out and cover the enemies will overrun Hanna in mere seconds.

Wanted Dead is a hard game in the tradition of the Japanese classics that inspired it. This means it requires mastery, blocking and countering enemy attacks with the fundamental skills required to progress. Hannah’s pistol is no ordinary sidearm given to the players in case the main and the secondary weapons run out of ammo. Hannah’s pistol is an essential ingredient to be used in combos and your Perry weapon to stun enemies midattack animation, opening them up to deadly and stylish finishing executions. Countering range attacks from shotguns and grenade launchers sometimes is the only way to make it out alive.

Button matching and Wanted Dead go together like oil in the water. The starter pack of combos will take the player through the first 20 minutes of the game, but that won’t be enough. This is where the skill tree comes into play. Unlockable skills are divided into three categories offense, defense and support. There is no right order to spend these experience points on new skills since each player can tailor the experience to their own liking.

Some players rely on their teammates support, others prefer defensive strategies when in combat, and some want to rush into the action like a one man army, we manage to serve them all.



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