BTS’ Jimin Looks For Love in the Club in Late Night ‘Like Crazy’ Video – ModiCareFamily

The music video is for a solo single by the singer from his recently released album “FACE”. Directed by Oui Kim, it begins with a snippet of dialogue from the 2011 romantic drama “Like Crazy” which starred Jennifer Lawrence, Felicity Jones, and Anton Yelchin. The scene then shifts to Jimin standing in a nightclub, while Yelchin expresses his fear of losing everything and Lawrence assures him to trust her. The camera zooms in on Jimin’s face as he looks forlorn in a kitchen and sings, “She’s saying, baby, come and follow me. There’s not a bad thing here tonight.”

Suddenly, an unseen hand drags him to the dance floor, where he walks in slow motion through the partying crowd, taking shots, doling out high-fives, and crowd-surfing. Eventually, he finds himself in a spooky hallway where the walls are bleeding a viscous black ooze.


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